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The UK’s first membership body to represent training providers in logistics and passenger transport

The UK logistics and passenger transport sector depends on access to a skilled workforce to keep the flow of goods and people moving into, out of and around the country. The majority of training of the labour force is provided by small, independent training providers whose needs and interests have never been represented…


Until now.


Logistics Skills Network is the first-of-its-kind, not-for-profit membership trade organisation with a remit to represent logistics training providers and promote their collective interests to the government, regulators, the broader logistics and passenger transport sectors and those working in the sectors.

A respected voice

We were borne out of a long-overdue need for representation for training providers within the sector.


With the launch of our new network, we’re bringing together key organisations from the sector to develop and share best practices, initiatives, knowledge, experience and resources and offer a communication platform for the coordination of collective interests.

Take a look at our members here.

How we will deliver change

As well as carrying out regular surveys to provide more informed guidance for policymakers, we’ll be offering key strategic support to members towards the delivery of Government priorities and those of Combined Authorities with devolved powers.  Logistics Skills Network will also encourage members to work together to provide vocational, and non-vocational, learning and skills training in the logistics and passenger transport sector.  What’s more, members can look forward to a collective bid and tender process for contracts and funding as well as benefiting from a new buying and procurement group.

The aims of Logistics Skills Network

  • Promote the value and importance of the logistics and passenger transport sector to the UK economy as first choice careers
  • Improve the image of the logistics and passenger skills training sector and its contribution to the professionalism and productivity of the UK logistics and passenger transport industries
  • Improve communication between providers and the regulatory organisations
  • Support the regulatory authorities to provide practical improvements to enhance labour force operations
  • To support regulatory authorities to meet the labour-force needs of the logistics and passenger transport sector
  • Raise the career aspirations of logistics and passenger transport labour-force
  • Improve the career opportunities of logistics and passenger transport labour-force
  • Improve the skills of logistics and passenger transport trainers

Who we are

Logistics Skills Network is a collaboration of Skills for Logistics, a highly respected authority in logistics training and an apprenticeship end-point assessment organisation (EPAO), and several key training providers to the Logistics and Automotive sectors.  Find out what our founders say about this exciting new network below.

David Coombes

Skills for Logistics

david coombes logistics skills network

In his 30 years as a logistics professional, David has delivered modal supply chain solutions for transport and logistics companies across the UK and Europe.  He founded the Logistics Job Shop, a national online recruitment solution for the logistics industry.  In 2015, David took Skills for Logistics from a government-funded skills body and relaunched it as a sustainable assessing and awarding body in apprenticeships.


Contributed by the logistics sector to the economy each year

Skills training has never been so important to the industry and logistics training providers must be supported and represented effectively by an independent and not for profit organisation.

Paul Spink

Development Director
Skills for Logistics

Paul has been instrumental in the successful growth of several innovative businesses in the logistics, learning and development sectors, including the creation of a specialist logistics training provider to deliver workforce development to large levy-paying employers through a nationwide network of training providers. Since the Covid19 outbreak in March 2020, Paul has represented the UK’s LGV / PCV vocational training providers to the DVSA and DfT.

We have a once in the lifetime opportunity to solve the driver skills shortage. The training sector has the resources and we now need sufficient DVSA testing capacity to meet the needs of industry


LGV drivers who require training and testing each year

Mark Currie

Mantra Learning & The National Logistics Academy

mark currie logistics skills network

Through his leadership of Mantra Learning and its subsidiary, The National Logistics Academy, Mark’s goal is to further the professionalism and capability of people working in the logistics sector. Mantra Learning has been supporting the skills needs of the sector in the North West for over 50 years and in July 2016, launched The National Logistics Academy to further develop the workforce.



Training providers without representation. Until now

Skills training has never been so important to the industry and logistics training providers must be supported and represented effectively by an independent and not for profit organisation.

Stronger together

We are fortunate to be supported by an Advisory Board comprising of key and influential figures from the logistics and passenger transport sector, who will work alongside the founding partners of Logistics Skills Network and assist across all aspects of our work in the industry.

Paul Moon

Managing Director

2 Start Ltd

Paul is the owner of a successful South coast driving school with 4 depots and a fleet of 36 vehicles.

Nichola Davis

General Manager


Leicestershire-based training provider delivering a range of industry-related courses

Billy Hammond

Operations Director

GTG Training

One of the largest independent training providers in the UK, offering a wide variety of courses

Carl Hughes

Managing Director

Hughes Driver Training

Carl runs one of the largest LGV training schools in the UK, with centres nationwide.

Richard Weston

Strategic Manager

Mantra Learning

Mantra Learning has been promoting logistics as a career of first choice for over 50 years.

Laurence Bolton


National Driving Centre

Laurence is proud to run this family business and is passionate about training and customer service

Tony Higgins

Managing Director

SP Training UK

Tony delivers logistics training and apprenticeship standards nationally

Ruth Wallace


Wallace School of Transport

Ruth runs the largest Vocational Driver Training Provider covering London and the South East

Nick Rees

Managing Director


Nick runs one of the largest training providers in the South West with a great portfolio of courses

Steve Dulson

Managing Director

Dulson Training Ltd

Steve is the Managing Director of Dulson Training Ltd which operates training centres for the logistics sector in Shropshire, North Wales, Herefordshire and the West Midlands.