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Logistics Skills Network partners with SR Supply Chain Consultants

At Logistics Skills Network, we are proud to announce our partnership with SR Supply Chain Consultants.

Who are SR Supply Chain Consultants?

SR Supply Chain Consultants are a training provider based in Lancashire, with a host of training venues up and down the United Kingdom. As a FCIPS, CIPS & MCIPS qualified training provider, their tutors boast a wealth of experience to offer the best learning standards possible.

Their courses include: CIPS L3, L4, L5 & L6, as well as sought after Procurement and Supply Apprenticeships.

Why have we partnered with SRSCC?

The UK logistics and passenger transport sector depends on access to a skilled workforce to keep the flow of goods and to continue supporting the growth of the UK economy. Most of the training of the labour-force is provided by small, independent training providers whose needs and interests have struggled with gaining representation. Without the share of best practices, initiatives, knowledge, experience, and resources, it becomes extremely difficult for the industry to develop and improve its services.

SR Supply Chain Consultants provide industry leading Procurement & Supply Training through CIPS Qualifications and Apprenticeships, helping develop and supporting those behind Procurement. We believe that through their Centre of Excellence Training and our collaboration, we can grow the individuals within the sector on a significant scale, helping the market gain essential knowledge and qualifications, whilst also unlocking new career opportunities within the sector.

About Logistics Skills Network

Representing logistics training providers, Logistics Skills Network is the first-of-its-kind, not-for-profit membership trade organisation aimed to promote their collective interests to government regulators, the wider logistics and passenger transport sectors, and to those working within the sectors.

Logistics Skills Network have a strong working relationship with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Department for Transport (DfT) who have committed to working with us and helping us achieve our aims. Collaborating with logistics training and apprenticeship providers, Logistics Skills Network is a highly respected authority in the field of promoting skills development in the logistics and supply chain sector.

Find out more about SR Supply Chain Consultants